Oct 8, 2022Liked by Josh Centers

Fascinating write-up! Everything here is interesting and leads to more interesting articles. I loved Big Serge’s article about the Russian pointnof view in this situation. I’m going to read it several more times! One of the comments on that praised the Substack Coffee and Covid highly, and so I went there. Also very perceptive, with a lot of information new for me, like the drug the US is spending big bucks on to treat radiation sickness not being recommended for that, but for autoimmune vaccine thrombocytopenia. The government may ve desperately seeking treatments for vaccine-induced long covid. Or disease-induced.

I wouldn’t pay any attention to critics. I love your work and read everything several times. We’re in dark days and need to face it and figure out the best course of action, which you’re helping us do.

I agree that we’ve given U enough billions. Time to back off. I’m looking forward to learning more about what Western actor detonated Nordstream in several places. Why? Death wish for northern Europeans? And why assassinate the Dugina girl? Interesting that now everyone is admitting what was clear from the beginning, that it was carried out by a Ukrainian operative.

Keep up the great work! It makes me happy when I see you’ve got a new one up! Thank you!

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