Feb 22, 2023Liked by Josh Centers

I wouldn’t change the text of any books, but I don’t think Roald Dahl wrote worthwhile children’s books. I bought several when my daughter was little: I thought they would be humorous, whimsical, fantastical. We read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory six or seven years ago. I was shocked. It was a grade school boy’s violent revenge fantasy. Several unappealing, unattractive children receive ghastly punishments, and disappear. While Charlie ultimately inherits the chocolate factory and all his wishes come true. I remember his family members sleeping cold and shivering side by side, and some starved to death. We didn’t read any more of them, as I didn’t want my daughter to be influenced by such juvenile evil. I don’t like that a reference to the great Rudyard Kipling was replaced by a reference to the also great and currently trendy Jane Austen. They shouldn’t change the text, I agree. But parents should research the books before allowing their children to read them. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was dark, bitter, and sadistic, and not good for children. Or adults.

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